Since 2008, we have sold over 300 DVDs and books worldwide.  Dr. Geller has exhibited in Banff, Canada and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania I.T.G. conferences in 2008 and 2009 respectively (See our ad in I.T.G. quarterly).  Dr. Geller has won the respect and endorsement for this system of trumpet playing by the great Lloyd Michaels, Paul Bogosian, Andrea Tofanelli, Larry Meregillano and Mac Gollehon to name a few.  Here is what they had to say:

Andrea Tofanelli (Lead Player, Italy) – “I studied with Ghitallia to fix my embouchure problems and he started from high to low notes with a closed lip formation.  The Ghitallia system was a mixture based on Stevens-Costello concepts (at least 70%) I can feel most concepts are the same.”

Larry Meregillano (Lead Player, California) – “ I was first exposed to it in 1973 when I attended a Don Ellis clinic at Redlands University, Paul Bogosian made me a believer that week.  I bought Roy’s book at age 15 and never looked back.  I play hundreds of double “C’s” per day and have limitless range.  I doubt that I could play at all without Roy’s guidance (took lessons from 1977-1980).  He states that Roy and his mentor William Costello identified the correct and most efficient way to play the trumpet.”

Mac Gollehon (Lead Player, freelance New York City) – “Congratulations on your informative and well organized DVD of the Stevens-Costello Embouchure Technique.  I feel that your DVD in conjunction with the book edited by William Moriarty gets right to the point of productive results for the students.  When progress is made in sound, endurance and range, the student will then be compelled to tweak their results by reading the book over and over to achieve remarkable results.”  Mac then speaks about his recollection of a lesson with Roy Stevens at one of his clinics in his early years.

Paul Bogosian (Lead Player, Philadelphia- New York) – “Alan, you have awakened a sleeping monster.  The Roy Stevens thing is out there, but everybody was waiting for the coming of the new Guru.  You are him!  You will be able to retire from dentistry and focus on music.  Best success in this endeavor, it is apparently working already!”

Note: Paul Bogosian is on the Stevens-Costello Embouchure Tecnique Dvd as well as Bill Moriarity, close friend of Roy Stevens and former Secretary of Local 802, New York.  Paul is credited for studying with Roy Stevens in 1963 and his successes shortly after with Don Ellis on lead trumpet, Lionel Hampton, Count Basie and others.