About Dr. Alan Geller

Dr. Geller is a practicing dentist, music teacher and accomplished performer in trumpet and flugelhorn for 50 years in the New York area. In addition to doing club dates and concert band work in the U.S.A., he has been on several tours with orchestras in Europe and Russia.

He is listed in the "Book of Famous Trumpet Players" compiled by Robert D. Weast 1998 (page 35, below Maynard Ferguson concerning "pressure vs non-pressure”). Alan Geller has also written articles in the "Brass Player", Charles Colin Publishers entitled
"The Legacy of Roy Stevens" and "Treating Yourself to a New Horn".

Now available to all trumpet players on DVD is the teaching of the Embouchure Technique presented by Dr. Alan Geller, student of Roy Stevens. The revised book of the Complete Stevens-Costello Embouchure Technique and Embouchure Trouble and Self Analysis accompanies it, edited by William Moriarity, close friend and student of Roy Stevens.