Dental Cast

Personal Dental Models, are the best insurance for the Brass Player. Are you prepared for the day you cannot play your instrument? A simple or large impending dental problem can affect they way you play your instrument. Most dentists are not aware of the needs of the Brass Player. A simple case in point is presented in an article by Dr. Alan Geller.

A small, inexpensive investment in “study casts” or diagnostic, personal models of the mouth can save you from the aggravation of new dental or cosmetic work that may not work out when you return to play your horn. We don’t think about these things until it happens, and then we find out you can’t play properly or not at all. This may have happened to you already!

The models of your mouth will be a record of the teeth you have now before the dentist makes any drastic changes, for let us say “cosmetic purposes.” By keeping a permanent record of your tooth size, shape and relation of the upper jaw (maxilla) to mandible lower jaw, any changes in your present playing will be minimal or none when you show these models to your dentist.

For further questions and the fabrication of your personal dental models, call or see Dr. Alan Geller in New York. A case box with your name will be sent to you (after an impression is taken of your mouth) in durable, lasting stone for convenient storage.