Stevens-Costello Chops News

Alan Geller, D.D.S (student of Roy Stevens)

1. Dr. Geller is now playing in many bands and teaching in Sarasota, Florida. Skype lessons are available by appointment for domestic and international students.

2. Dr. Geller will be attending International Trumpet Guild May31-June 4 in Anaheim California. Costello books and DVD's for sale at Warburton Music Products and Thompson Music Inc. Contact him there for any questions or for lessons of the Steven-Costello Embouchure Technique @ 516-22-36908. There are no shipping charges at the convention for music products!!

In addition Dr. Geller will be collaborating with Larry Meregillano, noted lead player and teacher of Costello System on the West Coast for future embouchure clinics domesticly and internationally.

3. New Book for sale. “ Famous Trumpet Players from 1584 to Present”. Carefully researched and compiled by author Robert D. Weast (91 pages). Not to be found anywhere, it has covered in quotes and commentaries trumpet masters from Harry Glantz, Max Schlossberg, Adolph Herseth, Maurice Andres to Miles Davis, Louis Armstrong and Maynard Furguson to name a few. It includes great sketches of some. Dr Alan Geller as an advocate of the “Stevens-Costello System”, is listed on page 35 of this book under a commentary of “Excessive Pressure Vitiates Survivability” (on the same page as Maynard’s).Roy Stevens Embouchure Technique System is also described p.74